Homestead Farm

Homestead Farm

Homestead Farm has been in business since I can remember. They are located in Poolesville, Md. Probably about 45minutes to an hour from Washington D.C. I’ve been going to this farm since I was about 13 and I’ve had the best memories at this farm!

Flower Bushes

When my family and I first started going to this farm, it was actually pretty small and not too many people knew about it. Now that I’m 28, this farm has gotten so big and popular. It’s always crowded, which is a good thing for the farm owners. I believe it’s always good to support the local farmers and their produce. It’s much better than what you’re buying at the grocery store.

The best time to go is during the fall, that’s just my opinion. I love the fall! I love when leafs change in color, leafs falling on the ground, a cup of warm apple cider, caramel covered apples and of course  Halloween, one of the only times you can dress up and have fun with it. I went here with my nephews during pumpkin season and it was one of the best memories I’ve had with them. They took us on a hay ride to pick our own pumpkins, after we picked our pumpkins we rode back to some hay stacks they had for the kids to play in and just watched my nephews Xavier and J.J play with the hay, as if they knew that someday they would grow up and just wanted to enjoy the moment.


For this year’s trip my husband and I went during Blackberry season, I unfortunately missed strawberry season, which is one of my other favorite times to go. We had a really good time though. As we were walking the farm they had these signs saying “Blackberries with thorns this way” They said the blackberries with the thorns were the best ones. But that was not the case; honestly it was really hard to find good ones. I’m not sure if it was because people had already been there or what. But anyways, as I was picking the berries, I kept screaming every time I touched the thorns. I forgot all about the stupid thorns, my husband thought it was funny. But then as I heard other people screaming, I thought it was funny too. Not only were the thorns annoying, but there were so many bees and not the cute bumble bee’s but the ones that sting! We felt like we were under attack!! So we ended up at the blackberry bushes that didn’t have thorns and picked away. When we picked all these blackberries, I was thinking to myself “what will I make with all these blackberries?” “I think I got too many” So as we we’re driving back home, I thought I could make some smoothies for the week. So what I ended up doing with the blackberries was I put them in a blender, blended till it was nice and smooth. Then I ran it through the strainer, so I can throw away all they seeds. In my opinion the seeds are annoying and they always get stuck on your teeth. No bueno! After that I just put it away in a jar.

Close up of Blackberries

Blackberry Bushes

So if you have a chance during the weekend, go check this farm out. If you have kids, they will have a good time picking their own fruits or feeding the cows, pigs and goats. Again the best time to go is during the fall. Not only do they have the awesome pumpkin patch but they have a corn maze and other fun activities.


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