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Amy and I decided to go to Founding Farmers for brunch this past Saturday; we thought it would be a good time to catch up. Even though we’ve created this blog together, our lives are pretty busy with work, exercising, kid activities and taking care of our spouses.

Amy’s been to Founding Farmers for Brunch before but I on the other hand have not. My Husband and I have gone for dinner and their dinner is phenomenal. I’ve had their Chicken and Waffles, which is super comforting! you’ll need a good nap after that meal. One of my favorite dishes is their Bread with Brie, Onion Jam and Apples. It’s the BOMB!! I think I can go there just for that.

So to start off my morning, I was thinking about having a mimosa, but then I saw a drink called Ramos Ginn Fizz. Even though I love Tequila, I love me some Gin too! This cocktail had gin, egg whites, milk, citrus, and vanilla. Doesn’t that just sound delicious? I know the egg whites may throw you off, but I promise it’s yummy and it’s doesn’t taste like cooked white eggs lol. The biscuits that Amy ordered tasted homemade, they were nice, warm and they had a little crunch to them. There were so many delicious choices on the menu. I was torn between the red velvet and the carrot cake pancakes. Can you guess what I ordered??… Carrot Cake Pancakes!! I was pleased that I ordered the Carrot Cake Pancakes, they were so scrumptious and very filling, I couldn’t even finish them because they were pretty gigantic and fluffy…and filling…… and filling…….and filling lol. To finish our brunch we had a cup of coffee and talked about life. Coffee is always a great way to end brunch!

Carrot Pancakes

Ramos Ginn Fizz

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a great place to have dinner or brunch, Founding Farmers is a great place to eat. Their food is fresh, they use local ingredients, and their service is great! What more could you ask for?!



Love Amy & Elena

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