Duck Donuts

My Husband and I had the pleasure to be in North Carolina this weekend for the 4th of July and let’s just say we had a blast! We got lucky and stayed at my husband’s Aunts beach house and we want to thank her for her hospitality and we can’t wait to go back. Thank You Aunt Julie!


Beside us getting a nice sunburn everyday and drinking pretty much every day, we were eating some good food. I will have to say I was a little upset though, I had the intentions of taking pictures of everything I ate but honestly that didn’t really work out(except for some places)because I was so obsessed with how everything tasted, that I forgot to pull the camera out. SAD FACE oh well! I’m sure that’s not the last time I will go to OBX.

I’m not even sure where to start, but let’s start with what you can eat for breakfast or even as a snack down at the Outer Banks ummmm donuts maybe?…not just any donuts but DUCK DONUTS!! OH MY GOODNESS! They’re probably the best donuts I’ve ever had. This place is so popular, there’s always a line outside in the mornings. After you’ve been waiting in line outside…. in the sun you walk inside and fill out a yellow sheet on how many donuts you want and what kind of toppings you want. It’s pretty cool; you can watch their employees make the donuts right in front of you! That’s how fresh these donuts are. One of my favorites is their Bare Donuts, even though there pretty plain, they are still delicious, they even have a nice outer crunch. These donuts don’t even compare to your Krispy Kreme. There different. Duck Donuts even have  a special donut of the day or you can even get bacon as a topping. How delicious does that sound? One of my other favorites is the strawberry frosting with shredded coconut and when they add your toppings, they are not not stingy with it. I had to use the top of the donut box and put it under my chin because the shredded coconut was just going everywhere and my husband always has something to say when I make a mess. So I didn’t wanna hear it from him. So if you happen to be at Virginia Beach or Outer Banks please do me a favor and try these amazing donuts! They won’t disappoint you! 


This is the top of box that I had to use under my chin. Hahaha

Duck Donut Box


I had to add this beautiful photo of Ginger(Aunt Julie’s new puppy) She was the center of attention this past weekend.


Love Elena

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