Amoo’s House of Kabob

Have you walked into a restaurant and felt as if you were family? I had the pleasure to experience that when I walked into Amoo’s (House of Kabob).

Amoo’s specializes in Persian fusion food, located in the heart of McLean, Va.

I love trying new cuisine as much as I love to cook.

Jamar came home a couple weeks ago raving about Amoo’s and how we NEEDED to make reservations to eat there. Jamar cracks me up… he’s such a busy man, but boy when he starts researching restaurants there is no stopping him. Being the good girlfriend that I am, I oblige.

Oh man where do I begin…

It was a cold, windy Saturday night…

Walking into Amoo’s we noticed the restaurant was pretty full. Luckily, we thought to make reservations prior.

We were greeted and seated by a charming and welcoming young lady.

I would say browsing the menu was the toughest part. Everything sounded sooooo delicious.  We were honored to have one of the Owners and Head Chef,  Sebastian, walk us through the menu. He suggested one of their most popular appetizers Kashk-e-bademjan; which is a sauteed eggplant plant dish made with cinnamon, garlic, fermented cheese and topped with  caramelized onions. I know the average joe would say what a strange combination of ingredients.  But let me tell ya Joe, this was heaven in my mouth. All those flavors were an explosion of yumminess.  The dish is accompanied by fresh bread, but I was so satisfied with enjoying the flavors and complexity of the dip itself that I did not want to add anything with it.

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If you think picking out an appetizer wasn’t tough enough… imagine trying to choose the main course.

Chef Sebastian made the recommendation to go with one of their famous Amoo’s Kabob combination platter.

The platter came with lamb tenderloin, ground beef, boneless chicken, grilled tomatoes, and garnished with fresh micro greens. Everything was seasoned and cooked to perfection but what really blew me away was the lamb. This was by far the juiciest lamb I have ever tasted in my life. It was perfectly marinated in a pomegranate saffron sauce.



We also ordered the grilled Chilean sea bass, which was seasoned with saffron, garnished with micro greens, and cooked to perfection.

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Along with the Kabob platter, came a side of saffron rice. This isn’t your typical basmati rice, no sir. What looked like little raisins in the rice, was actually barberries. I have never heard of such a thing but the sweetness/sourness of this berry complimented well with the savory saffron rice.

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Now to finish our night, we decided to try dessert.

Your probably thinking ok, how can you possibly fit anything else after eating all of the above… hehehe.

Believe me my friend, I made room. I couldn’t resist their famous Persian Saffron ice cream (made in house).  Vanilla bean, crushed pistachios with infused rosewater  If you want to expand your palate you need to try this…how can you possibly resist.

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I could go on and on about my experience at Amoo’s, but to be honest I don’t think it would do its justice.

The food was superb, but what really made my visit to Amoo’s special was the service.

Chef Sebastian blew my mind with his description of his dishes. His passion and charisma is unlike any chef I have ever met. Not only that, he truly cares about what goes in his dishes. All his meats are organic, antibiotic free, and non-gmo. His greens are hydroponic (grown in a controlled environment).

You can taste the love that he puts in his creations. 

If you love Persian cuisine, I highly recommend Amoo’s.

Thank you  to everyone at Amoo’s, for your hospitality and for the amazing new experience.

Love Amy


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    I have tried almost very Iranian restuarant in the DC metro area and this is by far the best kabob I have every had with tender, juicy chicken kabob and delicious, flavorful beef kobideh. The rice is to die for and service is very friendly and helpful. As

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